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Brick Masonry

Our masonry professionals can create nearly any brick or stone outcome you wish. Not only can they rebuild and repair chimneys and fireplaces, they can complete, with the highest skill level, the most popular outdoor stone or brick additions homeowners routinely add to their homes.

Stone Masonry

Stone masonry has been part of Canton, GA and surrounding areas. Some of the most well-known historic structures in the area were built or accented with stone masonry. Masonry hasn’t changed a lot over the years; it’s simply evolved and grown. Some of the most incredible looking homes and buildings in America are stone or some type of brick or block.

Water Falls

  We handle each new project with care and consideration, working with you every step of the way. From developing the design to location choice to construction and installation, we strive to create the water feature of your dreams!
We use only the finest materials, including natural rock and stone, to design and construct masterpieces for your home, including:   Water features bring a calm to your landscape with the sound of moving water and a soothing view. We use natural stone to custom design and construct a pond, waterfall or other feature that reflects your taste and style. Choices for water features are nearly endless

Elevated/ Uneven Property

Homeowners with elevated or uneven property often opt to build retaining walls as part of their landscaping. Retaining walls may be built of nearly any material including wood, stone, concrete or block. However, if the foundation is not solid and proper drainage isn’t ensured, time and the elements will wreak havoc. An improperly built retaining wall may begin to warp, crack, fall or sink.

Patios and Walkways

Stone tiled walkways and patios are not only luxuriously beautiful but, functional and will greatly increase the value of your property. With years of experience installing new and repairing old installations with perfectly level walkways and patios Rosales Masonry can do the same for you at an affordable price. We can turn a bland pool side, back yard or front entrance into a palace that will wow your friends and perspective buyers of your home.

Amazing Features

Whether you prefer natural stone or durable brick paver installations, our expert masons will create a beautiful and lasting impression for decades to come. Pathways built with Flagstone dry layed and or, mortar with retaining walls will give your property an indescribable powerful and long lasting beauty.
Your main entry way will stand out with a beautifully paved Flagstone walkway and steps that can be mixed with various stone and brick enhancements.  With creative design, quality materials, precise construction methods and experienced team members, the quality of our service is our number one priority.

What we do!

  1. Stone Work
  2. Brick Work
  3. Block Work
  4. Tile
  5. Swimming Pool Renovations
  6. Waterfalls
  7. Fireplaces
  8. Fire Pits
  9. Outdoor Kitchens
  10. Pavers

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I have used Juan’s service and my pool came out great. They came out and observed everything that needed to be done and followed everything I asked for. I just can’t thank them enough. I would recommend them to anyone intersted in getting their patio done.

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